England – Germany 1:0 (0:0) aet.

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England continues to fly

As stated in the preview this was a meeting of two sides with a completely different approach to the game. England seing this game as their biggest success ever in the history of their women national team and Germany as the big losers to whom this game felt as disappointment and punishment.
Germany made 5 changes to their last game. In came Schmidt as right full back for Maier. Peter as center back for Krahn. Däbritz for Popp on the left flank. Petermann for Mittag up front. And Behringer for Leupolz as holding midfielder.
England pitched White up front for Taylor. Greenwood for Rafferty. And Carney for Duggan.
But as the game started it was all Germany first. England were pushed back very far and the lonely White up front hardly could do anything else but chase long balls to no avail. On several occasions England just managed to get enough bodies in the way in their own box to deny Germany. It was a clearance just off the line from Houghton and a terrible miss from Sasic who alone in front of goal with only a little pressure rolled the ball into the arms of Bardsley which showed the first glimpse that luck would favor the brave on the day. Maybe England needed these few minutes to put their fear away having been beaten 3:0 comfortably a few months ago. Maybe they needed it to get used to the new tactical formation. They switched to a back line of 3 with Houghton right, Bassett center, and Moore on the left.
But as longer as the game went on you could realise that the different mindsets – the disappointed against the high-flyers – should become the most pivotal point of the game. England positive throughout and eager and crisp to make up for the advantages in individual class Germany still had. Germany exhausted hardly found any rhythm and did not show the usual drive towards goal and were not able to convert their chances.
And as soon as England realised that there was something possible on the day mainly when Houghton seemingly out of nowhere was presented a golden opportunity from a corner kick and Germany realised that it would not be easy to win England grow in the game better and better by the minute.
And so the chances were more evenly matched in the second half where Scott who hestitated too long nearly came as close as Däbritz shot that was very well saved by Bardsley and Kemmes long rate effort that missed just inches wide.
England smelled their chances and ended the 90 mins on a high when Aluko again caused the defense of Germany all sorts of trouble but her effort finally ended safely in the arms of Angerer after a first touch that brought her too close to the German keeper. Who ended her international career with this game and will be certainly missed. Only towards over time it just seemed like England got a little bit nervous by remembering the similar situation in the previous game against Japan where they had their big opponents under control but yet conceded in the 92th minute.
But that wasnt the case this time and so the game went into extra time were it was suddenly Germany again who dictated play. That added to the patchy impression of the game where the upper hand very much switched back and forth between the teams. Certainly also due to the fact that the past weeks had taken a lot out of the players.

The game is played after certain rules however. Surely you can lay your arms around someone without pulling her but for other reasons. But there is also a rule in football that doesnt allow holding and you dont have to wrestle someone down to get that rule in place. Germany have just profited from that very rule in their last game against the USA. But this time it was Kemme after suddenly finding herself on the wrong side of Anderson who did what players usually learn very early is a no go. It was however not the only time where her positioning showed improvement possibilities. Williams safely scored from the spot and despite some late efforts from Germany the game was decided in favor of the high-flyers

Player of the match: Aluko
Should have done better with her chance and couldnt create too much of note. But England was all about spirit. And so she gets the award in place of the team spirit where she gave a fresh injection just as the team got tired and her constant runs to stretch the German defense lifted the self confidence again.

Player Ratings Englands (0-10)

Bardsley 8
Solid throughout and one fantastic save against Däbritz.

Bronze 7
Not too much problems in defense. Very solid

Houghton 7
Reliable as always. Solid defense. Only the missed opportunity.

Bassett 6.5
Mainly there where she was needed.

Greenwood 6.5
Good and solid game but still more possible in offense

Scott,J. 7
Again a goto player. Maybe the only England player who also looked a little bit tiring.

Moore 6.5
Nothing spectacular but a solid team player as the whole tournament.

Williams 7
Solid and steady again.

Carney 7.5
Always the one who knew how something to do with the ball.

Chapman 7
Solid and clever game but without too much highlites.

White 6.5
A lot of fight up front. Usually better around the box than as lonely long ball warrior.

Aluko 7.5
Used her pace to be a constant threat.

Player Ratings Germany (0-10)

Angerer 7.5
Reliable in her last game as she had been for years.

Schmidt 7
Simply isnt her former self. Seemingly nobody can help her to change that.

Peter 6.5
Opening the game is not her strength. Ok defensively. But too slow against Aluko

Bartusiak 6.5
Opening the game is not her strength. Ok defensively. But too slow against Aluko

Kemme 6
Not tired and high work rate as ever. But … easy beaten sometimes by Scott. And the penalty

Goessling 6.5
Tired. Did not get injured. The best aspect of the game from her.

Behringer 6
It is not easy to play in the center of a tired team. But she couldnt proof to be fresher either.

Leupolz 6
As always reliable in winning duels and a lot of running but room to improve when possessing the ball.

Laudehr 6
Not the factor we used to see earlier in the tournament against opponents of this level

Sasic 5.5
Again. 3 goals without any opposition and 2 penalties to get the golden ball. Unbelievable?

Petermann 6
The youngster at least tried as long as possible. Fine assist for Sasic.

Däbritz 6.5
Had the best shot on goal and did well when given the time.

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