The all star team of the womens football world championships

After every such tournament you have to form your all star team
However it is quite clear that there are lots of aspects to consider. Not only have there been different performances of the players where it is the question whether to prefer consistency or the one outstanding performance. Also how much to mix up or vary the positions they played. And mainly a question of personal preferences of style. Athleticism versus technical abilities for example. And let us not forget about the team around you that maybe or maybe not allowed you to shine.
Spaniard Boquete probably should be in one of these teams when you consider the general performance level you have seen of her outside these championships. But we want to focus more on what we saw in Canada. And have we seen enough of Marta and Necib? Maybe just with a little bonus added. And finally lets a little bit spread across nationalities. Who wants to see an US-team only with a few French and Germans in it?

Solo, McLeod, Angerer

Right back:
Maier, Bronze, Foord, Rubensson

Left back:
Boulleau, Majri, Chapman

Center backs:
Sauerbrunn, Renard, Georges, Johnston, Houghton, Buchanan

Holding midfielder:
Brian, Goessling, Seger, Holiday, Cruz, Henry

Wing midfielder:
Rapinoe, Necib, Heath, Kawasumi, Laudehr, Onguene

Off. midfielder:
Lloyd, Marta, Wang

Morgan, Thomis, Hegerberg, Andrade, Martens, Bachmann

So our two teams are:

Team A:
Maier Sauerbrunn Renard Boulleau
Brian Goessling Thomis Rapinoe
Lloyd Morgan

Team B:
Bronze Georges Johnston Majri
Seger Holiday Necib Bachmann
Hegerberg Marta

We would like to know yours. Please comment (in english or german)

One thought on “The all star team of the womens football world championships

  1. Interesting, thanks.

    Maier-Sauerbrunn -Johnston- Renard
    Holiday -Tomis-Rapinoe
    Lloyd-Morgan- LeSommer

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