On Valais Cup (OL, PSG, Bayern, FCZ) 2015 day 2 (finals)


A look at the initial games and introduction to the tournament see this post of the games on day1

The Matches

This is about the finals. Two games on sunday:
for place 3: 
Paris Saint Germain – FC Zurich 3:0 (2:0) and
for place 1: 
Olympique Lyon – Bayern Munich 1:3 (0:1)

PSG – FC Zurich 3:0 (2:0)

PSG: Kiedrzynek, Houara, Henning, Georges, Delannoy, Sarr, Cruz, Seger, Katoto, Mittag, Delie.

FCZ: Studer, Duncan, Keller, Remund, Stierli, Deplazes, Müller, Aloi, Mauron, Humm, Terchoun

No official line ups have been made available unfortunately. The tournament web site had some nice pictures but the informations regarding the proceedings on the pitch have been not very helpful throughout the tournament. They nearly exclusively came from the participating clubs.
PSG probably would have preferred a game against OL but it wasnt to be after their defeat on penalty shoot out against Bayern on Friday. So it was an "easier" match for them and the chance for the forwards who have had a very embarrassing job on Friday to participate and get a game of football to be part of. And they did. Mittag did especially well with two "wondergoals": One nice flick where she simply extended a service from outside the box with a little one touch flick to lob it over the keeper high into the far corner. And the other with a back heel behind her standing foot to the close corner from short range.
But apart from this is was more kind of the typical preseason match where both sides looked to find their rhythm for the upcoming season and to integrate the new players. Also due to the fact that most of the players had played quite competitive matches two days before this was more of a patient ball passing game by PSG with not 100% physical effort. Also the pacy FCZ forwards (especially Terchoun who made a deep impression during the game against OL) seemed half a gear less lively than they did in the first game.
And so nothing else happened that was especially noteworthy from both teams. FCZ again with a brave performance but still with the expected gap to PSG. And PSG with the kind of control over the game you expected them to have without leaving preseason mode.
To mention was the strong display of the goalie of FCZ, Studer. Is she the FCZ goalie no2 normally only? What makes you wonder even more why none of the FCZ keepers is at least no2 in the national team. Even Thalmann (no1 of the NT) would have been happy with such a strong performance. Regarding this tournament she didnt look the weaker keeper of the two Zurich keepers. And much stronger than Michel.


Olympique Lyon – Bayern Munich 1:3 (0:1)


Olympique Lyon
Kaci, Kumagai, Renard, Majri
Henry, Abily, Necib
Le Somer (70. Bremer, 86. Cascarino), Schelin, Hegerberg (46. Thomis)

Bayern Munich
Lewandowski, Manieri (46.Behringer), Wenninger, Feiersinger (62.Holstad), Schnaderbeck (62.Maier)
Gaugigl (26.Walkling, 73.Stengel), Iwabuchi
Evans, Beckmann (62.Rolser)

The final was a strange but interesting game and after – compared to what you could have expected with so much talented players – a very boring start it got quite entertaining how Lyon was unable to produce anything dangerous to come back again especially after Bayern got their second goal. Bayern again as in the first game didnt make use of their chance to develop the skills of their players on how to play against good opponents but started with kind of a reserve line up. But they performed even worse than that might already suggest. The performance was on a level to be routed with about a goal difference of 5-10:0. A score of 3-4:0 at half time would have been the "correct" outcome for the level of play the teams showed. But because football is such a beautiful sport it was 0:1 instead. And even that one goal was – of course – not "earned" by Bayern but scored from Lyon into their own net as well. That is only one of the many reasons why you must love football.
It seems not easy for many people to distinguish in such matches whether they saw
– a brilliant first half from Lyon who were that strong that they simply pushed Bayern back that much or
– if it was a bad performance from the worse team who invited the other to play so strong.
This game was a quite easy example how you could determine that this was mainly due to a weak Bayern team rather than an inspired Lyon.
You could eg see a big difference in how the engaged players of Lyon performed (LeSommer, Majri) compared to some of their colleagues. (Thus a lot of players did not show "full power" – hence not an overwhelming team performance) From the Bayern performance you could learn how important the central area is. With young talents Gaugigl and Walkling who still have a long way to go and Iwabuchi who is very talented with the ball at her feet but all over the place to sort out where to position herself in a holding midfielder role Bayern had not even a glimpse of control in the center of the field.
Despite especially on their right flank with Evans, or Miedema up front – when Bayern got the ball somewhere close to her lonely attacker – not so bad performances Bayern where completely dominated. That made even their usually most competitive defensive players on the pitch like Lewandowski or Schnaderbeck only just hanging in to prevent bigger damage. So Bayerns inferiority in the central area led to being completely outplayed as a whole.
On the other side it wasnt the first time you saw Olympique Lyons weakness in chance conversion. Not so much to see from Hegerberg and Schelin but also an inspired LeSommer could not manage to convert any of the chances. Not being rewarded a penalty which might have been given added to that misery.
So football showed again like it does so often: If the goal is missing despite a lot of possession and chances on one end it simply comes at the other. And it is the sweet topping on the football cake when it comes by a beautiful volley taken own goal. But – as it was only in preseason – that is helping only the own goal scorer who probably – even when a little bit tired – will be cautious enough from now on in such situations to give the ball another kind of touch than that.
And regarding giving the right touch to the ball at the right moment she got another fine example handed out once more by Miedema who understandably couldn't always hide her frustration during the game that she was only allowed the role of a spectator far away from the proceedings for most of the time – but then made the right touch on the right occasion. Not so much how she set up herself with the chance by running into the box – she isnt the absolute top athlete to completely run past her defender but she converts very well even with only half a step advantage like she did here.
And that was it already because with the typical preseason changes from minute 60 onwards and with Bayern bringing in some experienced players starting to be more competitive now especially in those crucial central areas. Thus Lyon was unable to create any more clear cut chances as they had in the first half. Finally and consequently it had to be Bayern to demonstrate again how to score from a few opportunities finishing the game off with their third goal of the day when Rolser converted her only shot on goal from a few meters out after the cross from Miedema.

It remains to be seen what we can make from the two different line-ups of OL on day one and two with the new young players only playing on day 1. Maybe also a chanced missed here to check a "mix" of their old and new players against a good opponent. And quite surprising to see Schelin and Bremer as well starting both as strikers. You can easily imagine other variants being more helpful for the team than that. With LeSommer, Hegerberg and Thomis the others. Maybe even the four without Bremer already have been too much for them last season?

Player of the day: Mittag

Normally you would take someone from the final but there was hardly a good individual performance to see (Evans maybe). So you go with Mittag for her two "beauties" who showed how good she can finish when her self confidence is there and she gets these kinds of balls served.






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