Ramona Bachmann

Interesting to see how different people judge some players in the womens game scene. Maroszan, Miyama, Sasic, Necib are other examples. There seem to be much more differences than the men have. As main reason you might only see that there is much less public discussion going on on the womens side thus things are much less levelled up.

Some call Ramona (even top) world class. Some cant see why she remains constantly in the starting line up of VfL Wolfsburg despite her performances are not very helpful for the team.
(In addition, Wolfsburg dont know why they are struggling and in danger to lose their starting place in the CL by not finishing at least second in the Bundesliga despite having brought in not only Bachmann but more "top" rated players into their squad)

The one thing mostly agreed: Bachmann is a player of exceptional skills regarding her acceleration and speed and controlling the ball when dribbling in highest tempo.

This makes her style very fun to watch. When she is able to use these skills and run past several opponents making them look like lame obstacles.

However this is also exactly the reason why she doesnt help Wolfsburg very much. There are too few places and situations where she can make use of these skills. In the Bundesliga nearly all teams have developed a decent level of playing "against the ball" working usually hard to make sure they stand very compact and keep their players within distrances to each other so that the next is able to help out immediately when one is losing a duel. Not even Bachmann is usually constantly fast enough to break through all alone.

And then come the disadvantages. They seem to be not so easy to understand if you only follow the ball with your eyes during football or have not played yourself. A player who prefers solutions based on individual running actions is of course a handicap for combination and passing play as a team effort. Some players are versatily enough to integrate in the team style when realising they cant get through all alone. But some are getting weak links in this style of play because their passing and combining talents are below the average of the rest of the team. Some dont realise and continue to try all alone (not Bachmann) but some simply get tangled up in the decision what to do in a certain situation.

And here the next interesting problems kick in. A lot of viewers in the womens game do just not realise those disadvantages until they see it very clearly when the player has the ball at her feet. Any not integrated player without the ball is simply not realised at all – but not judged as a handicap for the team unless (s)he makes faults with the ball. Some realise it is just as playing with a player less.But unfortunately Ramona is showing the problems even often with the ball.
Very much the same showed in Wolfsburg as during the world cup when the Swiss team needed more team play. As good as she is in running with the ball as often she misses the right combination play in the right situation. That seems to make it difficult to change for her in another way than a long training process. The other faster solution is to put her in places where passing abilities are needed the least and running abilities are most helpful. A counter attack style of play and the outside of the pitch. On the outside there are additional advantages. The situations are not so complicated as in the middle and easier solutions available. It is basically to run along the line and send a cross in from there. Even better if she is running a longer way. So coming from the back line and playing as wing back has to be checked (other defensive factors remain to be seen)

It makes it more difficult though to clearly seperate things beause sometimes exceptions second the rule. For examples such faults like the Dutch defense showed when in a 4:2 lead with minutes to go to play offside trap at the center line and sending Bachmann into a "running solution". But as we see in the Bundesliga and Wolfsburg. These kind of faults will decrease and playing against the ball further improve.

In a team like Wolfsburg as soon as there are not enough situations or not enough space for her running solutions there are other players who would add much more to the strength of the team and that probably is also already the case in the Swiss national team with Terchoun and Aigbogun coming from the bench. Hopefully we see her develop her team play.



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