Immigrants and Refugees in womens football Jan 2017

Actually with only France, Spain and Australia from the “main” leagues in action there seems to be more movement off than on the pitch.
A lot of players immigrate into new countries or sometimes flee their old teams – some even for economic reasons. But of course there are very different levels of necessity whether you go for being full pro, for better wages or to have something to eat at all.
It is good to see that there are only very few hot spots left in football where players birthplace or faith is of importance whether they can play with certain clubs or not. And even these have gotten much more tolerant towards people who they were once told be their eternal enemy by birth. (We are happy we dont even know how much it is still important for players in Glasgow to play for either club if they are catholic or protestant or in Bilbao whether they are from certain areas in Spain)
Let us hope that those who threaten to expand these hot spots again because they are often unfortunately lacking capabilities in analysing source and reason can be stopped before great damage is done again.

In the meantime we try to cover a little bit on twitter: @footywomen


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